Texas Wedding Officiants

Wedding Officiants
Wedding Officiants

We are a married couple who believes that love is beautiful. We became officiants after marrying in 2019 because we wanted to help spread joy and love to others. We are non-denominational ordained wedding officiants who are open to multi-denomination, non-religious, and same-sex marriages. It’s all about love and happiness. Let us help make your day as beautiful as ours.

Every package includes signature and commemorative certificate of marriage. Deposit required for all bookings to hold time and date. Half deposit required if more than 2 weeks before signing. Full fee required if less than a week before signing. If canceled less than 7 days before wedding, no refund. All ceremonies automatically come with Declaration of Intent and Pronouncement. We provide evening, weekend, and holiday ceremonies.


Simple Signing

This package consists of just the bride and groom, no guests or ceremony. We ask you if you declare that you agree to marry each other and understand it legally. We will then pronounce you a married couple. After pronouncement we will then sign your marriage license and usually takes about 5 minutes. Includes commemorative Certificate of Marriage. Starting at $50.

Express Wedding (Elopement)

This package includes the couple plus up to 6 guests and 15 minutes.  Includes Processional, Vows, Exchange of Rings, Kiss, Presentation, and commemorative Certificate of Marriage. – Starting at $150 per ceremony.


Candle Lighting, Jumping the Broom, Hand Fasting, Sand Ceremony, Tree Planting, and more. Must be provided by couple and it will be incorporated into the ceremony. Starting at $25.

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It is state requirment that you have your marriage licence at least 3 days prior to ceremony.

We specialize in last minute weddings!

Mileage and rehearsals are additional to all packages. Evening and holiday pricing varies.